Bryanna Daniel

Chief Factotum

Phone: 907.222.7554 | Fax: 907.222.7583 | Email:

Bryanna MaloneBryanna Daniel joins Arbor with a background in business management. Her previous experience in the financial industry offers Arbor administrative support and office management experience.

Bryanna was born and raised in the Evergreen state, where she attended Western Washington University in Bellingham. There she earned her BA in Psychology and MBA with a focus in Management. In the recent past, she was actively involved in the Small Business Development community, Leadership Education and Development program, and community outreach for homeless youth. In 2014, she moved to Alaska with her partner Samuel. They made the drive up from Bellingham, WA in their Ford Ranger, with all their worldly possessions, 2 cats, and Bryanna’s screaming dog, a Puggle named Calvin. She loves hiking, camping, photographing and exploring Alaska in search of stellar views, aurora borealis, and wildlife.

Any given day you will catch her laughing and enjoying the company of her family, friends, and animals.