New Site, Blog and QE2

Recently we were asked to describe what we do for a living.  “Read” was what my partner said.  We get paid to read to stay on top of global shifts, movements in policy and general economic and demographic analysis that help us make clear and confident decisions about portfolio management.

A natural step is to take that reading and create an output.  You have found it, our new website and blog.
Aside from books, there is a variety of websites that we read daily and/or weekly.  Here are a few of my favorites that I have found offer unique perspectives to our Ameri-Centric news flow:  (it should be noted that I am not endorsing these folks)

Other notes from this week:

QE II – Quantitative Easing Redux (not the British Monarch)

Gold has been pushing higher as QE gains momentum inside and outside the US.  Last week Japan announced a $60 billion asset purchase program.  Having more dollars or yen chasing the same stuff; whether platinum, equity ownership or rare earth elements, is not bearish for any of them.

I mentioned in my last piece that Ben was looking keenly at his printing press.  He has that very powerful weapon left that his disposal and it is hard to bet against it as he has virtually unlimited ammunition (although not without consequences).

Show of support for problem EU members from the east

In the last half of September Greek bond spreads over German bonds were hitting fresh highs indicating a further loss of confidence.  However, Greece was given a life line by the Chinese government on the 4th of October as visiting premier Wen Jiabao (a la Warren Buffet) offered to add to China’s Greek and European bond portfolio to help stabilize the continents debt problems.

Check back for more updates soon!

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Matthew Kolesky is a Principal at ACM, Inc. and joined the firm in 2004. Matthew Kolesky was born and raised in Alaska and has served on many Anchorage area non-profit boards.