An Asset-Based Approach to Funding Long Term Care

With people living longer lives and with the cost of health care increasing much faster than people’s ability to save, the need for some kind of funding mechanism for long-term health care is obvious. There are several ways to fund an extended care event: Long-term care insurance Government programs Self-funding Asset-based long-term care insurance Long-term care insurance can be a great way to prepare for extended care—if care is needed.  The odds are if you live beyond the age of 65, you’ll have a 70% chance of needing care at some point in your life.  An estimated 58 … Read More

Ms. Market I'm celebrating 23 years of marriage this week. Yes, it is a celebration as I am still very happily married and it is worthy of celebrating as those digits have been very much earned by both parties over the course of time. To be where we are is an accomplishment that encourages us both for the decades to come. Whatever may lie ahead, regardless of whoever is currently snoring the loudest or is packing a little extra around the waist, we are in it for the duration. I do not even know who I would be outside of this relationship. However, I do not … Read More

What Would Faust Do?

In the German legend from the 1500’s, Dr. Faust is said to have made a deal with Mephistopheles, the devil’s wing man, to trade in eternal life for all knowledge and worldly pleasures now. He is derided for having exchanged divine knowledge for human knowledge and comes to the ultimate conclusion according to Goethe’s retell of the story 200 years later that “I do now see that we can nothing know.” This seems particularly apt for the camp that has long awaited the inflationary pressures of what they call the “money printing” by the keepers of our currency. The thought here is that as … Read More